Educational resources on Palestine: Local and global history

One of the obstacles to building a real people’s movement in Indianapolis is the absence of a collective historical memory. Often, when struggles surge new groups are formed and new leaders are established only to go inactive or grow disillusioned when the struggles die down. This is true throughout the United States.

To begin overcome this obstacle, ANSWER Indiana and the broader Indianapolis Liberation Center have created a living archive of important documents, analyses, reports, and more on the history of Palestine, the long struggle to create a pro-Palestine movement in the U.S., and on the last few years of pro-Palestine activity in the U.S. Although the Center was founded in 2021, ANSWER Indiana and other member-organizations date back years before and, some, decades before. It is crucial that every new wave of organizing build on the previous wave, which can only happen through collective memory.

If you want to submit something to our archive, let us know and we’ll get it up!

The ongoing history of Palestinian liberation

Israel: Base of western imperialism

Historical framing of today’s struggle

Class: The Palestinian resistance

“Palestine, Israel, and the U.S. empire”

Arafat’s historic 1977 UN speech

Palestinian Liberation Charter

The long fight to build a U.S. pro-Palestine movement

Building a real left that supports resistance

History behind the struggle for a pro-Palestine movement

The Indianapolis movement for a free Palestine

No war on Iran! Free Palestine!

Until Palestine is free

MESA statement on IU bigotry

Shaka Shakur on Palestinian liberation

2021: Indy stays in the streets

2020: Defending Butler SJP from attacks

Muslim Youth Collective art show

Korean and Palestinian Solidarity in Indy

IU-Indy groups sign Palestine statement

Indy keeps all eyes on Rafah!

Palestine, art, and culture

“Letter from Gaza”

“Identity card”

Afro-Palestinian solidarity

Art, culture, and internationalism

Featured photo: A mass Indianapolis pro-Palestine protest in May 2021. Credit: ANSWER Indiana.