ANSWER organizers stand with south Corean progressives in anti-war demonstration

ANSWER Indiana was proud to stand with the peace expedition from South Corea’s People’s Democracy Party on September 13 for a solidarity action on monument Circle. As people living in the U.S., a country that continues to maintain colonial control over the southern half of the peninsula, we find it imperative to join our voices with our Corean comrades and loudly demand:

  • End to the U.S. occupation of Corea! an
  • Peace treaty now!
  • Stop all hostilities and war exercises against the north!
  • Withdrawal all U.S. troops from the south!
  • Stop all interference as the Corean people carry out their desire for independence and peaceful reunification!

The People’s Democracy Party formed in November 2016 during the Candlelight Revolution. The PDP was the first progressive party established after Park Geun-Hye’s regime banned and repressed the Unified Progressive Party, which included several members of the PDP. Their offices were raided and their leaders, including their elected officials, were arrested.

ANSWER Indiana, in actions and words, continues to stand in solidarity with the victims of U.S. imperialism and occupation, including with our comrades in the south.

* The PDP spells their country’s name in English as “Corea” instead of “Korea” because the latter translation was imposed by the Japanese government during their colonization of the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Japanese imperial government changed the English spelling so that Corea would not come before Japan when listed alphabetically in English.