The Palestinian resistance: A century of struggle with Raja Abdulhaq​

This years marks 76 years of the ongoing Nakba, and April 2024 marks the 6th month of the brutal, Israeli-American genocidal onslaught on Gaza. But 2024 also marks over 100 years of ongoing, steadfast Palestinian resistance. As the Palestinian people forge a new path forward in the history of struggle against Zionism and imperialism, there is an urgent need for students of struggle and those committed to the movement for Palestinian liberation to engage in a study of the rich history of Palestinian resistance.

This two-hour class hosted by The People’s Forum and taught by Raja Abdulhaq, a Muslim and Palestinian community organizer and co-founder of the Palestinian news agency, Quds News Network, examines questions like:

  • What is the historical and political context that has produced the current conjuncture we are witnessing today?
  • How have the Palestinian people, an occupied and oppressed nation, resisted the wealthiest and most powerful military forces in modern history for so long?

Abdulhaq, presents a historical investigation of the conditions from which resistance emerged to equip us with a clear understanding of the various strategies and tactics taken upon the path towards liberation in Palestine.