“Solidarity Bash:” Support the workers who make this city run!

Indianapolis PSL encourages all members and supports to support the upcoming “Solidarity Bash,” hosted by AFSCME Locals 661 Indianapolis Public Schools, 827 Marion County workers, and 3395 Library Workers.

RSVP by August 1
Email: mtorres@indy.rr.com
Phone: 317-224-3529

Saturday, August 12, 11 AM – 3 PM
Riverside Park, Shelter 3
2420 E Riverside Drive

Indianapolis workers of AFSCME Locals 661 Indianapolis Public Schools, 827 Marion County Workers, and 3395 Library Workers are holding a Solidarity Bash at Riverside Park, and all are invited!

Local 827 represents municipal workers of Marion County. Recently, the union worked to help provide better training and stability for workers. The workers of Local 661 representing IPS support workers have also used their power to win better pay and conditions. In 2022, bus drivers banded together in protest of IPS deciding to outsource all bus driving duties. This allowed workers to win $800,000 in bonuses. Unfortunately, this action was not enough to keep the jobs with union members. The majority of bus routes were outsourced and one year later, IPS told other students to use IndyGo buses or to walk.

The library workers of Local 3395 have fought hard against the racism embedded within Indianapolis Public Libraries. Since outing a racist CEO, workers and the community have continued their struggle against an obstinate, undemocratic board. Board members refused to hire the workers’ and the people’s preferred candidate, Nichelle Hayes, as CEO, and have lied to the public during every step of their CEO search. But the library workers have not backed down, and neither will we!

Participating in events like this help us build relationships with and show support for our fellow workers. We hope to see you there!