Join the Indy Climate Strike Friday!

Friday, Sept. 25 from 11a-3p
South Lawn of the Indiana State House (200 W. Washington St)

Register on facebook here!

This week, on Friday the 25th, Hoosiers of all ages from all over the state will converge on the South Lawn of the Indiana Capitol Building for the second annual Indy Climate Strike.

Local and state leaders have done nothing more than pay lip service in the whole year since we first advanced our demands, and this inaction has compelled students and activists, including the Indiana Climate Coalition, ANSWER Indiana, the Socialist Climate Initiative of Indiana, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and others, to call for those who care about our planet and our people to take to the streets once again. It’s clear we can’t count on the politicians to solve climate change and that it can only be done through mass and sustained struggle.

In this year of political inaction on climate change, we’ve seen unprecedented disasters: western wildfires are bigger than ever, Atlantic hurricanes are more abundant than ever, and just last month a windstorm that produced winds over 140 miles per hour roared through our state. It’s become clear through the inaction of our rulers that climate change, as well as closely related issues like racial inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic, will not be solved through electoral reforms, but through struggle. From 11am to 3pm this Friday, we invite you to join the struggle too.