United we win: Protest for IMPD victims Harrell, Whitfield, and Davis!

Tuesday, November 7
12:00 pm
Marion County Prosecutor’s Office
251 E. Ohio St.

After Ryan Mears’ pathetic attempt to divide IMPD victims and their families against each other, they are joining forces. PSL Indianapolis, community organizers Elder Mmoja Ajabu and Pastor Dennel Howard, and the families, friends, and community of Herman Whitfield III, Gary Harrell, and Frederick Davis are joining forces on election day to not only show the power of unity but to demonstrate what real democracy looks like.

Before or after you march to the polls, meet us at 251 E. Ohio St., outside the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. If Prosecutor Mears’ actions have demonstrated anything, it is that this system is far from democratic.

Six IMPD cops killed Herman Whitfield III on April 25, 2022. After his mother called for an ambulance to help her son through a mental health crisis, the cops showed up and, without any threat or provocation, chased, tackled, and electrocuted and suffocated Herman to death in front of his parents in their living room.

On August 3, 2023, IMPD officer Douglas Correll—who has a documented history of racist brutality and civil rights violations—shot Gary Harrell in the back, killing Harrell with his second shot. Even the police’s highly edited and narrated video affirms Correll violated federal law and IMPD policy, according to Stephen Wagner and Wagner Reese, LLP. Harrell was walking away from Correll and posed no threat.

On October 26, the IMPD murdered Frederick Davis near 21st St. and North Shadeland Ave. The cops are, unsurprisingly, alleging his death resulted from a gun fight with an officer. Given the IMPD’s almost spotless record of lying, however, the community isn’t buying it.

The system is, meanwhile, protecting the killer cops and demonizing their victims. Together, we say

  • No more IMPD brutality or muder!
  • Jail all killer cops!
  • Fire all officers immediately!

Photo: PSL Indianapolis Doris Jones speaks at the MLK rally for Justice for Herman Whitfield III. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.