Demand the City County Council recall anti-democratic appointees

Monday, June 5
6pm at the corner of E Washington and S Delaware
Lugar Plaza

Throughout the past seven months of organizing, the IndyPL Board of Trustees has, under the leadership of Hope Tribble, refused to engage with the public honestly and in good faith. Tribble has openly lied to members of the public, a pattern that repeated itself with the appointment of Dr. Eugene White. Both of these liars were appointed to the Board by the City County Council. It is time our elected representatives be held accountable for the behavior of their appointees!

The Council released an open letter to the Board in January urging them to hire Nichelle Hayes as IndyPL CEO. Yet when they had the opportunity to appoint a new member to the board, they passed over vocal Hayes supporter Karla Lopez Owens in favor of Dr. White. Some councilors suggested to the public that they were never even made aware that there were other interested applicants. It is time our elected representatives take concrete action instead of staging political theater!

Join the AFSCME Local 3395 and the Indy Liberation Center at six pm this Monday for a rally at Lugar Plaza. We’ll hear from leaders in the fight for a truly public library that answers to the people, then march to the council meeting at seven pm to deliver the 200+ signatures demanding Tribble and White be removed from the board.

When we struggle together, we can win!