Touch Grass, Indy kick-off event: Climate solutions study group

Saturday, March 30
4:00 pm EST
Indianapolis Liberation Center

Extreme environmental degradation and climate change are destabilizing our planetary system. Capitalist greed and corporate buyouts characterize our current economic system in the United States. These factors are not separate from one another; they are innately connected and must be jointly addressed to overcome either. What if we look to solutions beyond our current economic system to address the declining heath of our world?

Join us for the Touch Grass, Indy kick-off event aiming to get people together who share a concern for our environment and want to work together to build a better future. Come with your interests, desires, and ideas for transforming Indianapolis!

We begin Touch Grass, Indy by collectively reading and discussing Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism by Tina Landis, an organizer in the environmental and social justice movements who works in air quality regulation and climate protection. While all are encouraged to attend, you can buy the short, affordably priced book for pickup or delivery through the Liberation Center here!

We hope you join us for the first event in our initial three-part series, with the second two events planned for the same time and location on April 13 and April 27. The short book is available to purchase at the Liberation Center, but not required to purchase to attend.