Petition: Demand the Library address systemic racism!

On May 24th’s Indianapolis Public Library Board virtual meeting, Bree Flannelly, a Black woman who was formerly staff at the Central Library attempted to address the Board about the systemic white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and ableism that structure the work culture of the Indianapolis Public Library. Board President Jose Salinas pre-emptively read a prepared statement to try and discredit Flannelly. Salinas attempted to mute Flannelly while she spoke, although two sympathetic board members Patricia Payne and Khaula Murtadha, who are both Black women, told Salinas that she should read her statement since Flannelly stated she would not name anyone specifically.

Flannelly’s powerful statement sent shockwaves that have  created a revolutionary moment for radical change for our public library system for the marginalized workers and patrons who need crucial information resources in Indianapolis. Read more about the situation and fight-back here.

Sign and share this petition that the Liberation Center of Indianapolis is circulating to support the demands of AFSCME local 3395, who represent library workers and are fighting the structural racism and oppression that dominate the work culture of the Indianapolis Public Library. We are specifically asking for the following:

  1. The resignations of IndyPL Board president Judge Jose Salinas and IndyPL CEO Jackie Nytes
  2. Increased community oversight and control over the public library and
  3. Conduct a climate study on staff morale and TAKE ACTION on them THIS YEAR!

We now know that the Indianapolis City-County Council was aware of the racism suffered by Black staff and staff of color but did nothing. It’s up to us, the people, to stop it! We need to oust the racists at the Indianapolis Library and institute community oversight!

*more background information below the petition