Show your support and help build the Indianapolis movement!


As an all-volunteer organization, we’re completely funded by our members and supporters. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to build the movement and maintain different projects addressing our class’ fundamental needs.

The Indianapolis branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation has, for several years now, been an integral part of the Indianapolis people’s movement. In addition to organizing mass demonstrations and speak-outs, hosting forums, film showings, and other social and cultural events, we run an urban garden, a mutual aid outreach program, and the Indianapolis Liberation Center. We are entirely funded by our members and supporters and don’t accept donations from any government or corporate entities. Our work in various struggles is only possible because of the people’s support.

You’ve probably seen us recently at our protests all over Indiana to defend the right to abortion, which brought thousands of people into the streets. Or you’ve seen us fighting Prop. 256, or fighting to end the Korean War, or distributing Hope Packages to homeless workers in the city. You might have seen us in our successful struggles to defeat the “Sit-Lie” ordinance and Prop. 291. Or you might have read about us and our participation in the Summer 2020 rebellion against racism in the Indianapolis Recorder

We are inspired to organize such successful actions and want to ensure we can increase our activities, particularly as the Supreme Court continues its full-frontal assault on our rights. As an all-volunteer organization, we are funded solely by our members and supporters. You make it possible for us to organize such significant events, letting us rent sound systems and generators, purchase materials to make banners and placards, buy bullhorns and batteries, print and distribute literature, hold classes and forums, maintain our website, and so much more.

We’re not only fighting to defend Roe v. Wade; we’re struggling on every front for working and oppressed people. We organize the People’s Power Urban Farm, where we work together and learn from each other to provide free, healthy, and accessible food. Together with Indy10 Black Lives Matter, we organize Hope Packages, which continues to provide basic necessities to the most oppressed in our city. We are the lead organizers of the Indianapolis Liberation Center office and website, which provides necessary physical and virtual space to help progressive groups organize, host events, and promote their analysis and calls for action.

There is greater demand for our projects that we can grow to meet, both in terms of those we serve and those who participate. For example, the People’s Power Urban Farm is now fighting food desertification in Riverside, and Hope Packages is increasing the number of goods and outreach sessions in the city. In addition, we’re moving to a new Liberation Center soon, which will finally provide a stable venue for Indy10 BLM’s No Questions Asked Food Pantry. Finally, we’re expanding our presence throughout the state, organizing new chapters and initiatives in multiple cities.

You’ve made our work possible these last few years, and we’re incredibly grateful for your contributions and activities. We’re confident you’ll help us not only continue but grow. It makes all of what we do possible!