Support an abortion referendum at Longshot Market

Saturday, May 18
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Longshot Market
1336 Shelby St.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation – Indianapolis will be repping the Indianapolis Liberation Center at Longshot Market in Fountain Square this Saturday, May 18. Hang out with us for shopping and live music, and while you’re there, sign the petition for a statewide referendum on abortion rights!

As the Democratic Party attempts to drum up support for Genocide Joe’s re-election campaign despite a 75-year record low approval rating, they have again abandoned Hoosiers. Of the 62 incumbent Republicans up for reelection in the Indiana House of Representatives, 32—or 51%—are currently running unopposed. Among this number are Wendy McNamara and Joanna King, the two sponsors of the bill that banned abortion in Indiana in 2022. In the State Senate, the author of that bill, Susan Glick, is also running unopposed.

With attacks on the people coming nonstop from Republicans, and local Democrats either too apathetic or self-centered to fight back, Hoosiers turn to our communities for strength. Proceeds from the handicrafts sold at Saturday’s market will benefit the KY Health Justice Network, and money spent or donated at the Liberation Center booth will go right back into the struggle!

We know that no bourgeois political party will fight for us, so come out and fight with us for a better world!

Featured photo: Organizers speak at a 2022 rally in defense of abortion access Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center