Reduce harm, promote hope: May Hope Package assembly

Saturday, May 18
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

Join us and Indy Mask Bloc on the third Saturday of May for our monthly package assembly! Meet your neighbors, discuss the root causes of homelessness, and build efforts toward a future where everyone could get their needs met.

Saturday’s focus will be on the impacts of drug criminalization, which are introduced in this article. In particular, we will be discussing harm reduction responses to the opioid crisis in Indianapolis. On average, two people die of drug overdoses every day in Indy. There are over 30 years of empirical data supporting harm reduction as the most effective method of preventing overdose deaths, yet the city continues to center their policy around mass incarceration. Point Ten of our 10 Point Program demands that we divest from the policies of criminalization and incarceration that are killing our community in order to invest in real public safety. Naloxone training is an essential part of harm reduction. At this month’s package assembly, we are collectively going to learn how to administer Narcan, discuss the importance of this knowledge, and send our participants home with their own Narcan kits! 

We appreciate your generous donations that sustain this important project. This month we especially need socks, underwear, and deodorant, as well as other essentials that we always need to refill. You can also purchase items directly from our Amazon wish list that will be sent to the Indianapolis Liberation Center.

You can also donate to Hope Packages, which is now an independent entity operating under the umbrella of the Indianapolis Liberation Center. If possible, we encourage you to become a monthly Sustainer at whatever price you can consistently afford. The more Sustainers we have, the more reliably we can organize and distribute our packages!

When you donate to Hope Packages, you’re not only helping our homeless and unhoused community members survive but also working toward a larger overarching project of transforming our city. A transformation where instead of giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to real estate developers and banks, we use that money to actually solve the structures and systems that cause homelessness. Learn about the principles we use to guide our efforts by once again checking out our 10 Point Program!

Featured photo: Volunteers talk while assembling Hope Packages. Credit: Brandy Cunningham.