Want to be a revolutionary fighter? Come to PSL’s orientation!

Thursday, June 13
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

The problems facing our society—like growing poverty and debt, wars and racist police terror, ecological catastrophe—cannot be reformed out of existence. The planet and its inhabitants need a revolution in the U.S. That revolution will not happen on its own, nor is anyone else going to do it besides us.

Whether a revolution succeeds or not isn’t determined in the days, weeks, or months of revolts; it depends on the years that precede it. When a revolutionary situation arises, when there is a crisis so severe that the ruling class loses its ability to control society, we have to be prepared. If we wait until that moment, it will be too late.

We need to organize for the revolution now. We don’t need just any kind of “organization,” however, but a revolutionary organization that has deep roots in the struggles of the day and in various communities, one whose work and political clarity gain the respect and recognition of the people.

Accept this comradely invitation to the Indianapolis branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation‘s orientation and learn what it means to be in the Party, how you can get involved, and why you should join us in the fight–whether you have years of organizing experience or are brand new to the struggle.

The orientation comes as PSL Indianapolis comrades are engaged in and leading numerous struggles at the same time. We will be fighting for LGBTQ liberation at Indy Pride, on the frontlines of the struggle for Palestinian Liberation and the Mass Mobilization to Surround the White House, organizing for abortion rights, against racist police brutality, to exonerate Vernon T. Bateman, and for all struggles impacting working and oppressed people.

If you want to join an organization capable of fighting on so many fronts, or if you want to learn more about it, this orientation is for you. With you, we can do even more for our people. Together, we can build a revolution.

We need you! We are all we have, and organizing for political power is the only way we can achieve a socialist society, one where we cooperatively work together to solve common issues. Joining the ranks and learning how to be a revolutionary fighter can start with this PSL orientation: with an evening of presentations, experiences, and discussions on what it means to build the kind of organization we need to not only lessen the barbarity of capitalism, but to eliminate the system completely. Hear from leading members and new candidates about why they joined the PSL, what the process of joining looks like, about the work that we do and the work we want to do, and more!

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Featured photo: PSL members marching for liberation. Credit: Party for Socialism and Liberation.