“Palestine, Israel, and the U.S. Empire:” A powerful presentation hits Indy

On May 29, fresh off the heels of the historic People’s Conference for Palestine in Detroit, the Indianapolis Liberation Center hosted longtime antiwar organizer and author Richard Becker as part of a tour for the second edition of his clear and jargon-free book, Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire. Becker is the Western Regional Organizer of the ANSWER Coalition and a leading member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Organized by PSL Indianapolis, the community packed the Center for a truly informative, inspiring, and transformative discussion. You can purchase the book for delivery or pickup at the new Liberation Center Store!

Watch the Indianapolis book launch

After opening remarks by event by emcee Riley Park and a short introduction to the Indianapolis Liberation Center by Noah Leininger, Becker speaks about about the book and provides an accessible historical overview of the foundations of political Zionism and Palestinian resistance, an overview informed not by academic study but by activist study and decades of internationalist organizing.

Becker’s engaging presentation lasts just under 40 minutes, with the remainder of the time spent dialoguing with Becker on a range of questions posed by the diverse participants present.

*Note: You’ll likely notice the sounds of one event participant making some sounds that could be characterized as “baby noises” throughout the video. The Indianapolis Liberation Center welcomes and encourages humans of all sizes, shapes, ages, and more.

About the book

Liberation Media first published the book in 2009. The 2nd edition was produced after the historic uprising of the Palestinian liberation struggle on October 7, 2023, and was released by 1804 Books in early 2024.

Becker’s book takes a firm anti-Zionist perspective, delving into the history of Palestine and the settler-colonial project of Israel, tracing resistance movements from British colonialism to today’s struggles in Gaza and the West Bank. He explores the division of the Middle East by Western powers, the Zionist settler movement, the founding of Israel, and its role as a U.S. watchdog, leading up to current conflicts and the prospects for a just resolution.

This revised edition reflects the evolving political landscape of the Palestinian liberation struggle since the Al-Aqsa Flood. This discussion offers a chance to deepen your understanding of why fighting for Palestine is essential for our shared humanity and necessary for our own fight for liberation in the United States. Watch this powerful event to engage with the latest insights on Palestinian liberation and its global significance!

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