“Somebody needs to hear this:” Discussions with formerly incarcerated women

Thursday, June 20
6:00 – 9:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

In the state of Indiana, 50% of women are charged with committing a crime within their first year post-release. This happens to 36% of Indiana women within six months and 23% within just three months. This is not only alarming, but can, and should, be avoided.

Join us at the Indianapolis Liberation Center for a night of captivating and powerful stories from formerly incarcerated women. After they share not only how they survived the system—but also how they’re standing up against it today—we will have a group discussion, in which we will wrestle with such questions as:

  • Why are so many women being sent to prison?
  • How would a just society handle “crime?”
  • What is crime?

Playwright, chef, and formerly incarcerated woman Sincere will be facilitating the discussion, as well as providing food and refreshments for the price of $8.

About the host

Despite being incarcerated for almost a decade, Sincere has become a published writer and certified chef. While locked up, she secured an Indiana State University Associate’s degree in psychology and is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a focus on addictions from Walden University. In her own words, “My life my own desires is to help others who have been through what I’ve been through dealing with [an] unjust system, the systematic racism within the system, [and] to some extent breaking down barriers by utilizing my gifts and my talents in my community… Upholding [my] core value beliefs and standing on them.” Earlier this year, Sincere directed the first play at the Indianapolis Liberation Center, Color Blind, which she also wrote.