Protest: Free Palestine! End U.S. aid to Israel!

Saturday, November 18
12:00 pm
Monument Circle

INDIANAPOLIS: There is no business as usual in the middle of a genocide!

This Saturday, November 18, students, workers, faith leaders, and others will pack Monument Circle for a rally to demand a ceasefire and an end to all U.S. support for Israeli genocide organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement, the Middle Eastern Student Association – IUPUI, ANSWER Indiana, Students for Socialism – IUPUI, the Indianapolis Liberation Center, and PSL Indianapolis. As the Israeli siege of Gaza intensifies, so too does the Palestinian resistance and the majority of humanity across the globe who support them.

Since the nationwide October 8 Day of Resistance, the people of Indianapolis have, in increasing numbers, taken to the streets in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle against the Israeli apartheid regime’s genocidal campaign against Gaza. In addition to local rallies, marches, workshops, and more, Indianapolis was part of the historic 300,000-strong National March for Palestine in Washington, D.C. on November 4.

As Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue, so too does the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people. That the Palestinians in Gaza continue to not only exist but to resist, is nothing short of astonishing. The most important role those of us in the struggle can play right now is to demand the U.S. government immediately end of all U.S. aid to Israel! Indiana gives over $51 million to the Israeli military every year, and our city alone takes almost $13 million of taxpayer money to give their military.

NOW is the time for our mobilizations to grow in size, frequency, and focus; building a political climate that makes Israel’s business of genocide unsustainable.