Leaked Indy Library CEO email tries to “recruit some Black community leaders” to defend her from workers’ criticisms.

Jackie Nytes, CEO of Indianapolis Public Library, sent the following email which has been sent to local newspapers. Current and former library workers voiced criticisms of hostile and racist working conditions, which were dismissed by Nytes and Board President Judge Jose Salinas.

Good morning Dr. Smith,

I hope you are well…I know there have been some tough things for your students recently with losing classmates and it is such a reminder of what really matters…meanwhile, some of us are fighting other battles and try to do the good work can change things but we (or at least me) do encounter obstacles. I assume you have seen the recent press about the Library, much of which is the result of some personal disagreements. We are talking about a letter from Black community leaders supporting me, the board and the Library. This could be sent as a Letter to Editor to the Star, IBJ and Recorder with multiple signatures. DO you think you could recruit some Black leaders to sign it? Would you sign it? I don’t want to offend by asking, but it is clear that the Library is getting damaged by the current narrative and I just don’t think it is an accurate narrative and I am trying to counter it!

Jackie Nytes

M. Jacqueline Nytes, CEO
Indianapolis Public Library
2450 N Meridian St
PO Box 211
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0211
317-275-4001 Office

AFSCME Local 3395, representing library workers, in collaboration with the Indianapolis Liberation Center, invites members of the public to come to the next board meeting. That meeting will be held on Monday, July 26 at 6:30 PM at the Library Service Center located at 2450 N. Meridian St, behind Jimmy John’s and just north of Lincoln Square Pancake House.