Justice for Dre! Another life taken by IMPD in cold blood

Indianapolis police murdered Dreasjon Reed in cold blood last evening on the Northside. The cops chased Reed, tasered him, and then fired at least fourteen rounds at him, killing him. Most of the rounds, if not all of them, came as Reed was already on the ground.

Reed was livestreaming the entire time. After the cops killed him, officers can be heard approaching Reed’s body. “Looks like it’s going to be a closed casket, homie,” says one officer, while another laughs. Because the officers can’t be seen on the video, the media isn’t saying they were cops. But if anyone besides the cops intervened in the scene, we would hear the cops yelling, attacking, and probably even shooting them.

As Reed was running, he was pleading with people: “Please come get me!”

As of 9:45 pm, the cops still hadn’t moved Reed’s body.

Reed, a 21-year-old Black man, graduated from Lawrence North High School and spent a year in the Air Force in Texas.

The cops allege Reed was speeding and driving recklessly before he got out of the car. At this point, there are obviously many details that we don’t know. The police and media will to capitalize on this in order to stall, deflect blame, and try to stifle resistance. We have, however, more than enough evidence to take a firm stance. Resistance is justified!

IMPD takes three lives within 24 hours

After killing Reed, IMPD murdered two other people.

At 9:44 pm on May 6, IMPD officer Jonathon Henderson killed a pregnant woman with his car. The woman was walking on South Harding St. when Henderson hit her. She and her baby died.

Around 1:30 the following morning, they shot and killed someone else on the Northside.

The list of IMPD’s victims continues to grow. It’s clear it won’t stop unless we organize and fight back.

Spontaneous protests erupt

Resistance began swiftly after the murder, as Reed’s family, community members, and activists immediately converged at the intersection of 62nd St. and Michigan Road. Hundreds of people stayed in the streets to grieve and express their outrage at yet another life taken by the IMPD.

The cops barricaded the nearby streets, and blocked them off with at least 15 cop cars. They wanted to prevent more people from joining the protests, but it didn’t work. Around 10:30 pm, another wave of outraged people came in.

The cops tried to make the crowd disperse by shouting and threatening them. This didn’t work either. The people held the streets.

ANSWER Indiana mourns these tragic murders and will remain in the streets until justice is served.

Rest in Power Dre!