Jail was made for you, not them: A video series

In this seven-part video series, THEKINGTRILL examines the nature of the mass incarceration system in the U.S., starting from the general and moving to specific examples before concluding with the overall lesson distilled from the series. Each video is easily digestible and with a duration around 10-11 minutes, makes for a perfect introduction for any newcomer, reminder for those in the struggle, and provides new insights for all. As someone who spent 15 years in and out of prisons and now runs FOCUS Initiatives Reentry Program, THEKINGTRILL’s knowledge comes from the trifecta of his experiences, the experiences of those he works with, and the studies he is constantly engaged in with others.

Episode 1: Bank and drug cartels

Street crime that stems from poverty, oppression, and social ills is despised and detested. But corporate crime that stems from greed is forgiven and forgotten. We must organize to finally put our enslavement to an end.

Episode 2: The arrest of HOPE SOLO

THEKINGTRILL analyzes how our criminal justice system criminalizes mental health issues like depression and drug addiction.

Episode 3: Deadliest dealers = big pharma

THEKINGTRILL examines the destructive path of Merck Pharmaceuticals and how the government failed to old them accountable. At the same time, they attacked THEKINGTRILL in the 90s and labeled him a “super predator!”

Episode 4: Never set them free!

THEKINGTRILL takes a deep dive into the master/slave, pimp/hoe, and criminal justice system/convicted felon relationships. He shows how they all share on unique dynamic: the pursuit of profit by the oppressor who cannot “let go” of its oppressed.

Episode 5: The torturing of Ta’Neasha Chappell

THEKINGTRILL cites the tragic case of Ta’Neasha Chappell being tortured until her last breath left her body while in custody in Jackson County Jail in Indiana. This is more common than you would believe. And again, no one is held accountable: this is who the real villains and criminals are and how they are made!

Episode 6: Wrigley spearmint kush

THEKINGTRILL looks at the disparities between marijuana sales and usage between the poor and the rich!

Episode 7: The beast is starving

THEKINGTRILL examine the growing epidemic of super billion-dollar prisons that are popping up all over the country like never before! Those 1000s of beds will not be allowed to remain empty. They will be filled… even if it means locking up your teacher-mother or sister in need of reproductive health services. At all costs, they will fill those beds!

Featured photo: THEKINGTRILL speaks at the Indianapolis Liberation Center on January 31, 2024. Credit: Bridget O’Reilly