IBLN Leadership

As stated in the by-laws of the Indiana Black Librarians Network, officers are elected on an annual basis by all members eligible to vote.

All officers are tasked with carrying out the IBLN’s mission as a statewide organization dedicated to the welfare and concerns of Black librarians and library employees with specific emphasis on recruitment and retention to the profession, employment in the field, and access to library services by Blacks.


President: Nikki Johnson

I am Elizabeth “Nikki” Johnson, Social Sciences Librarian for University Library at Indiana University Indianapolis. My academic and professional background include scholarship in African & African American studies, and service to organizations and task forces committed to giving an equitable voice to the Black experience.

As newly-elected President of the Indiana Black Librarians Network, I am excited to work with all members of the organization to spark transformation of Indiana libraries into dynamic entities that are representative, inclusive, and just. This charge is accompanied by responsibly seeking to interpret, understand, and evaluate the needs of the communities with whom we serve. And that is where the work is, and must continue to be, in progress. I look forward to how we will all lead in this essential service to the profession.

Vice President: Charles Sutton

Dr. Charles Sutton is an assistant professor in DLIS at Indiana University – Indianapolis (IU-I). Prior to IU, Charles worked for over fifteen years in public libraries. His teaching/learning philosophy centers community—community-development, community-engaged scholarship, community-based research. His research interests include public libraries, knowledge, epistemology, information and communication technologies (ICTs), sound studies, and coloniality/decoloniality. His research explores the social-material manifestation of circulating knowledges with an emphasis on collaborative community change initiatives that address complex local/global challenges within specific contexts. Charles’ research aims to decolonize the architecture of knowledge toward health and wellbeing. He imagines a world where divergent knowledges and bodies co-exist.

Queen Claudine Polley

Hey, I’m Claudine Polley and in my professional life it’s been my pleasure to work for the Indianapolis Public Library. It’s been a joy because it’s matches my love of helping people and my extreme extraversion. It brings be joy to match the tools the library has with the needs people have…like a love connection. I’ve joined a few different committees during my 23 years with the library but the longest committee I’ve served on is the African American History Committee. I like highlighting different positive aspects of our people. I also like that the library gives us that spotlight and venue to shine a light on what creative things we can and are doing in our community. I’m a God-fearing Christian, hard loving mom, and a fun-loving sister.

I hope to be able to bring more black programs to the community in the future and I’m proud to be a member of the Indiana Black Librarian Network. I truly felt honored to be invited to join.

Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane II is an academic librarian in education services at IU Indianapolis. Lane previously served as the special collections librarian of the Indianapolis Public Library where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. Lane is involved in a local research project evaluating archival collecting practices and historical silences.

Ex Officio Member:
Mahasin S. Ameen, MLS

Mahasin S. Ameen, MLS is currently an Assistant Librarian at Indiana University Indianapolis. Serving as the liaison librarian to the Luddy School of Computing, Informatics, and Engineering and the School of Social Work, she enjoys helping students engage in the research process. Her research focuses on Black librarianship, international student engagement, inter-generational/familial librarianship and the history of Public Libraries.

Her writing can been seen in Communications in Information LiteracyPortal, and Engage. In her free time she enjoys gardening, crafting, board games, and spending time with her family.