“Human rights held hostage:” Screening and panel w/ MaKC

This was first posted at the website of our member-organization, Free Shaka Shakur. Indianapolis will have the unique opportunity of speaking directly with Shaka, his lawyer, and other representatives at the Liberation Center’s special January 31 event.

Millennials Are Killing Capitalism hosted a screening of an updated edition of the documentary Shaka Shakur: Human Rights Held Hostage, on January 23, 2024. The film is about the life and struggles of the New Afrikan Political Prisoner.

Stay tuned after the documentary for a special panel discussion with TOO BLACK, Jenipher Jones, Akili Shakur, and Hondo T’Chikwa (bios below video).

“Human rights held hostage”

About the panelists

TOO BLACK is a poet, member of Black Alliance For Peace, host of The Black Myths Podcast (which can be found on Black Power Media), a writer, and one of the organizers of the Campaign to Free the Pendleton 2.

Jenipher Jones is a civil movement and human rights attorney and Managing Partner at the movement-focused law firm, For the People, LLC. Jenipher litigates complex civil rights litigation cases and her work holds a specific focus on the rights of prisoners, particularly political prisoners. A carceral law scholar, Jenipher has instructed law students regarding constitutional carceral law, movement lawyering, has been published domestically and abroad, and currently serves as Editor in Chief of the National Lawyers Guild Law Review, a movement oriented scholarly publication. Jenipher is currently Chair of the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee and joint chairs the Mass Incarceration Committee.

Akili Shakur is the wife of Shaka Shakur, a retired educator at Purdue University Northwest (PNW), and director of Saving Our Families (SOF) in Northwest Indiana.

Hondo T’chikwa has been a worker in the New Afrikan Independence Movement since 1990. He currently works with Re-Build!: a New Afrikan Independence Movement Periodical.

Featured photo: A still from “Human rights held hostage.”