Help free Shaka Shakur and help free us all!

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Shaka Shakur is a conscious/woke New Afrikan Political Prisoner and Prison Activist.

He has spent decades in prison and used his time to study, analyze, write, and organize against the violent carceral state. As punishment, the state moved him between multiple prisons within his home state of Indiana before moving him across the country to Virginia. Even in Virginia, the authorities continue transferring him to different prisons.

Why? They want to disrupt his organizing and resistance, keep him separated from family and friends, and break his spirit. We are standing against this inhumanity and ask that you stand with us. Shakur hasn’t let the state prevent his work and neither can we. But we need your help!

Shaka has inspired so many people on both sides of the wall. A prominent law firm that has had significant success liberating other people with cases similar to Shaka’s has agreed to investigate his cases. They estimate the total costs for legal representation to release Shaka to be approximately $40,000.

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