Rally and march: Eyes on Gaza!

Saturday, February 17
8:00 pm
Lugar Plaza
200 E. Washington St.

While the Mayor and business leaders want all eyes on Indianapolis during the NBA All-Star Weekend, our eyes are fixed on Gaza!

Following the Zionist regime’s massacre Sunday night on Rafah, currently the most densely populated area on earth, the Indianapolis Coalition for Palestine is calling for action on February 17 in coordination with the global days of action for the over 1.5 million Palestinians currently under aerial bombardment and suffocating siege in Gaza’s southernmost city.

We call upon friends of Palestine to join us in the streets in Indianapolis to uplift the calls to end Zionist bombardment of Rafah and to lift the siege on all of Gaza, where famine has reached an acute stage and hundreds of thousands are threatened with imminent death by starvation.

The massacres and the siege continue only so long as the US and its imperialist allies continue to sign off on the genocide. We will continue to #ShutItDown for as long as necessary, until a permanent ceasefire is achieved, the siege is lifted, and Western complicity in Zionism ends.

Let’s keep the momentum building because the masses are with us. We’ll see you in the streets!

– ANSWER Indiana, JVP Indiana, MESA IUPUI, PSL Indianapolis, SJP Purdue, SFS, and more!