Groups continue rallies to win justice for Jermaine Vaughn

Tuesday, August 15
1:00 PM
Marion County Community Justice Center
Corner of Pleasant Run Parkway Drive and Justice Way

The trial for criminal cop Eric Huxley will continue on Tuesday, August 15. ANSWER Indiana and Indy10 Black Lives Matter invite our members and supporters to attend our upcoming rally to demand that he gets the justice he deserves! It is absolutely crucial that we keep on organizing.

In September of 2021, Huxley assaulted an already-detained Jermaine Vaughn while two other cops, Matthew Shores and Christopher Kinney, idly observed the assault. After physically assaulting Vaughn, the officers shipped him off to jail, rather than helping him get the medical attention he now needed. This would have been the end of the story if the community had not intervened. It was only the continued resistance by the people of Indianapolis that has led to charges being brought against Huxley. The people also continue to call for charges against officers Kinney and Shores.

This pattern of police abuse and subsequent public outrage continues to play out in Indianapolis. To start the month of August, IMPD shot Gary Harrell in the back, killing him. The aggrieved community has refused to take this offense sitting down. Immediately following the killing, Harrell’s family and the community organized to host a demonstration and a vigil for Harrell. This resistance has forced IMPD to release the name of the officer who murdered Harrell.

These ongoing struggles both reinforce a fact which we working and oppressed people of Indianapolis already know to be true: it is only our intervention that guarantees that justice is served. Our government will not hold criminal cops accountable, so we must force them to do so! Help demonstrate the people’s will by coming to our rally!