Liberation Forum: Black oppression, white supremacy, and the fight for self-determination

Wednesday, February 28
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

One of the most pervasive myths in social movements is that the Black struggle and the class struggle are not only separate, but conflicting projects. But why is this alleged “reality” so widespread? Who benefits from dividing the struggles against racism and capitalism?

At our February Liberation Forum, we’ll debunk this myth and discuss a range of pressing issues facing the movement, including:

  • Why the unity of white, Black, and all oppressed groups is such a threat to the U.S. ruling class
  • The various ways the oppressors divide us against each other and the devastating consequences this had and has on progressive movements
  • How revolutionary history and theory can help us pursue the necessary but difficult task of overcoming bigotry to achieve emancipation for everyone
  • Recent examples of the lessons learned and progress made by the people of Indianapolis forging unity across racial and national lines.

In addition to presentations, we’ll collectively read and discuss a key document on the Black Belt thesis—first developed by Cyril Briggs, a founder of the African Black Brotherhood who soon joined the Communist Party USA, but that was based on the centuries-long desire for self-determination—that spurred the most revolutionary organizing in the U.S. by addressing anti-Black racism as a question of national liberation and putting the struggle against white chauvinism as a top priority.