Urgent: Demand a mom’s right to communicate with her incarcerated son!

Please call and email IDOC HQ and demand that Jaqueline Jones-Glenn’s communication and visitation privileges be restored immediately so that she can support her incarcerated sons! On December 20, 2023, Ms. Jones-Glenn visited her son at Branchville CF. During that visit, the guards on duty harassed and mistreated her for a long time prior to allowing her to visit her son, making the visitation process very difficult and uncomfortable. When Ms. Jones-Glenn insisted that they explain their policies because they were giving her such a hard time for no good reason, they accused her of being argumentative and issued a gate closure after the visit, blocking her phone and GTL messaging as well as her visits for 6 months – all because she requested to know the policy under which she was being harassed. Please call and email to demand that IDOC review the video of the harassment that Ms. Jones-Glenn experienced while trying to visit her son on Dec. 20 and lift the sanctions against her!


“Hello, I am [calling/emailing] to demand that arbitrary gate-closure that Ms. Jaqueline Jones-Glenn received after she was harassed and mistreated by visitation staff at Branchville CF on December 20, 2023, be lifted immediately! Ms. Jones-Glenn was calm and reasonable throughout the encounter, during which guards repeatedly searched her without reason, and then when Ms. Jones-Glenn requested to know the policy reason for their harassment, they issued a gate-closure. Please review the video and drop the gate-closure immediately!”

Previous commitment unfulfilled

On February 2, Ms. Jones-Glenn, accompanied by organizers with the Indianapolis Liberation Center and IDOC Watch, rallied outside the city’s administrative headquarters before entering the building to read IDOC officials in person, but so far, everything has stayed the same. Watch the video and read the initial letter Jones-Glenn read that day with her supporters:

“Branchville visitation complaint” transcript

Good day to you. The purpose of this communication is to get some clarification concerning the recent gate closure placed on my name from the staff at Branchville Correctional Facility. I’m not sure exactly when the restriction was put in place; however, my last visit with my son in Branchville was on December 20, 2023. According to the online policy for the Indiana Department of Corrections (Manual of Policies and Procedures Number 02-01-102):

“Denial or suspension of visitation privileges or gate closures shall be given to the offender and visitor in writing, including the reason for the denial, the name of the staff member making this decision, the length of any suspension… the offender and the visitor should be notified of the suspension or gate closure within two (2) weeks of the initial decision.”

I have not been able to speak with my son via telephone, email, nor schedule a visit since on or about December 26, 2023.

Entering the facility to get to the visit, I experienced what can only be described as a blatant abuse of power by the officer. Unfortunately, I am unable to identify any officer by name, as absolutely no one wore any identification or name tags. I was harassed by the initial officer concerning my clothing, which was totally in line with the Branchville’s visitor dress code policy found online with a date of 05/22/23:

Adult visitors shall wear clothing that will pose no threat to the security, control, or maintenance of order at the facility. the following items are considered inappropriate attire for visiting this facility:

  1. Halter tops (midriff shall be covered)
  2. Sleeveless dresses or tops
  3. Revealing dresses, blouses, or tops, including see-thru garments
  4. Spandex or extremely tight-fitting jeans, pants (including skinny jeans)
  5. No jeans, pants or shirts with decorative accessories and no clothing with holes
  6. Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee
  7. Winter outerwear, hoodies, jackets, tops with kangaroo pockets will not be permitted inside the visiting area
  8. Adult female visitors, as well as other visitors that need a bra, shall be required to wear a non-wired bra, as well as the dress code policy listed by the Indiana Department of Corrections

Although I have not received proper notification of the gate closure restriction from the facility, according to the policy listed online I am declaring that I have been arbitrarily removed from my son’s visiting list without substantiated evidence that a safety and/or security issue exist.

Whatever the reasoning, which has not been relayed to me, couldn’t have been substantiated due to the fact that when I went to the visit on December 20 I was allowed to visit. Questioning and violating rules are not the same action.

I have not violated the visitation rules/procedures. Therefore, I request the denial visits, electronic communication, and phone privileges between me and my son be restored.