From political awakening to advocacy: Behind the “Hands Up Act”

Watch this personal and political speech by Travis Washington, founder and leading national advocate of the “Hands Up Act” that would impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison for killer cops, presented at our annual Black August Liberation Forum. In addition to the act itself, Washington details his own history of coming-to-consciousness of white supremacy and racism in the U.S.

Washington, who earned his undergraduate degree in University Studies and Africana Studies as well as a Master’s in Education Administration at Southern Indiana University, has been heavily involved in community activism for several years.

The petition has broad support, with over 3 million signatures. Despite its broad popularity, the national media outlets have barely covered it. In an exclusive interview with the Liberation Center, Washington discusses how petition signatures continue disappearing from the hosting website, the for-profit company Change.Org.

The Indianapolis Liberation Center is partnering with Washington to advance this cause in Indianapolis and the broader region. Given that mandatory minimums are imposed on the rest of the population for non-violent crimes, why should the police be exempted?

Videographer: Jared Grillo

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