Don’t back down: Keep moving for a free Palestine!

Saturday, December 9
4:00 pm
Monument Circle

The Middle Eastern Student Association at IUPUI (MESA IUPUI) is encouraging Indy to continue showing its support for the Palestinian people as they struggle against the Israeli occupation! The Indianapolis Coalition for Palestine and ANSWER Indiana are encouraging all that are able to attend this event. A temporary “ceasefire” has not terminated the illegal Israeli occupation and it has not stopped them from continuing to murder Palestinians. After two months of resistance and protest, we must persist.

Demonstrating our solidarity with the Palestinian Liberation Movement does more than just help swell our numbers here. The deluge of propaganda has revealed how threatened Israel and our ruling class are by the growth of the movement. In recent statements, Israeli officials have demonstrated their own concerns over the rising support for Palestine in the U.S. In the Financial Times, Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted, saying “There are huge demonstrations in Western capitals. We need to exert counter-pressure.”

But we will not allow their lies and denigration of Palestinians to sway us. Instead, the movement must continue to grow! We will see you this Saturday!

Photo: People marching on October 12 in support of Palestine after the October 7 uprising. Photographer: Jared “Jay” Grillo