Taylor Bey stands up to officers who brutalized, falsely arrested him

Years after three Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies brutally assaulted and falsely arrested him, Taylor Bey spoke to the public for the first time on December 21, 2023. Not only did it take Bey nearly four nears in court to clear his name, but deputies Kalyuzhny, Luther, and Dimitry left him with permanent injuries to his wrist and spine, to say nothing of the numerous financial, emotional, psychological, and other problems he continues to face. He isn’t doing so alone, however. Together with the Center and the growing coalition against police violence, Bey is not only dealing with but fighting back against the sheriffs and the system that protects them.

Watch the press conference organized by and held at the Indianapolis Liberation Center below. If you want to support Bey in his fight, join us!

Taylor Bey: Not a victim, but a fighter

Speakers in order of appearance:

  • Aubrey Whiteman is member of PSL Indianapolis, one of the anchor organizations of the Liberation Center;
  • Elder Mmoja Ajabu is a community leader who initiated the recent campaign and helped organize the families of IMPD victims;
  • Derek R. Ford is an organizer with the Indianapolis Liberation Center and an educator;
  • Stephen Lane is an organizer with the Indianapolis Liberation Center and a librarian;
  • Taylor Bey is a grandfather, veteran, and gardener.

Featured photo: Taylor Bey speaks at the press conference. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.