Liberation Forum: Path to Justice: From the U.S. to Ukraine and Korea, July 29

Friday July 29th
6:00-8:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave. 3rd Floor

Over the last few months, people in Indianapolis have flooded the streets to protest the latest attacks on our democratic rights. As we struggle for abortion access and reproductive justice and fight against Prop. 256 to defend our city’s poorest residents, we are also fighting for a world free of injustice and war. At this month’s Liberation Forum, we’re going to provide updates and analysis on these various struggles, highlight the connections between them, and discuss the next steps for the movement locally and nationally.

In addition to presentations about the Dobbs decision and Prop. 256 we’re going to focus on U.S. imperialism worldwide, especially as it’s playing out in Ukraine and Korea. If democratic rights are under attack in the U.S., is it possible for the same government to promote democracy and peace abroad? If not, then what is the real agenda?

Join us Friday to dig deeper into the pressing issues of the day and to get involved with addressing them!