Emergency Rally to Defend Abortion Access, July 25

Monday, July 25
2:00 pm
Indiana Statehouse, Southside Lawn Off Washington Street
200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Supreme Court has officially ruled to end abortion rights by overturning the Roe v Wade decision, and the later Casey decision. Indiana republicans are now trying to ban abortion on the state level at a special session, granted by Holcomb  at the Indiana statehouse tomorrow.

Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party have declared war against women and our basic rights to control our own bodies. Now is the time to fight back. Millions of people going into the streets would make it clear that without justice there can be no peace.

Neither the church nor the state has the right to tell women what we can do with our own bodies. Now is the time to fight back. Only a mass movement of the people can save abortion rights. Take to the streets tomorrow to show them that we will not go back!