Liberation forum: Climate crisis and collective action

Thursday, May 2
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

The worsening climate crisis demands urgent action, which in turn requires a critical analysis to inform what kind of struggle we wage, against what forces, and for what solutions. To address the catastrophic challenges facing our planet, we have to know the root causes of the crisis because only then can we organize for real, lasting solutions.

The question of how we organize to solve the climate crisis is just as important. Despite what the corporate media and politicians tell us, individual actions, no matter how well intended, cannot stop the tide of climate change. The existential crisis is not the result of the extremely-limited choices available to poor and working-class people; it is a result of the systems that keep us poor and oppressed: capitalism and imperialism. The U.S. military is by far the world’s largest contributor to climate change.

These are also mighty forces, which is why this month’s Liberation Forum features up-to-date, comprehensive, and detailed analyses on several key elements from organizers and activists deeply involved in the movement. Together, we’ll enhance our understanding of the reasons behind and the path beyond capitalist and imperialist climate change and collective that knowledge, both of which will better guide our action to build a just and sustainable future for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Fortunately, we aren’t starting from scratch. There are solutions that are not only possible but are currently in practice. China, for example, is known as the “renewable energy superpower,” as it is the world’s top producer and consumer of wind and solar energy. Many solar power panels across the globe originate from China, despite prohibitive U.S. tariffs. At the same time, it is undertaking the largest forestation project in history, creating “sponge cities,” and more. Other socialist states, like Cuba and Bolivia, have long worked to produce in accordance with the planet. In 2010, Bolivia became the first country to enshrine the rights of “Mother Earth” into law, even holding that those rights are more important than any competing interests.

Together, we can shape a future where environmental justice is a reality for every community. Be a part of the solution and make your voice heard by taking part in this forum and jumping into the fight for climate justice and collective empowerment!

Featured photo: Taken from climate strike in Vancouver on September 27, 2019 by Chris Yakimov .