Liberation Center organizers: “Israeli apartheid will fall!”

The Free Palestine solidarity movement keeps moving in Indianapolis, with the latest action organized by the Middle Eastern Student Association at IUPUI on December 9, 2023.

As part of an unprecedented global movement against Israeli genocide, our actions are making an impact and putting one of the world’s most powerful militaries and states on the defense. In the “Financial Times,” Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted, saying “There are huge demonstrations in Western capitals. We need to exert counter-pressure.”

This speech, delivered by two organizers with the Indianapolis Liberation Center at the protest, draws parallels between the apartheid regimes in South Africa and Palestine to show that, with the support of the world, the Palestinian liberation struggle will win!

“We are winning! We will win!”

Videographer: Indianapolis Liberator Staff

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Featured photo: Keta Franklin, an organizer with the Indianapolis Liberation Center and member of ANSWER Indiana, speaks at the December 9 rally. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.