Justice for Herman Whitfield III! Rally on MLK Day!

Monday, January 16
12:00 pm
Monument Circle

Join Justice for Herman Whitfield III on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday, January 16, 2023 at 12pm.

The IMPD, the most well organized and armed gang in the city, murdered Herman Whitfield III, a 39 year-old Black man, in April 2022. Join us for the first protest for Justice for Herman, and the next phase in the ongoing struggle to get these killer cops off our streets!

Herman III’s parents called 911 for help one night as Herman was experiencing a mental health crisis. Instead of the city sending an ambulance equipped with mental health professionals to assist Herman to deescalate the situation, the city sent IMPD officers. These officers are trained killers! They showed Herman no compassion and seemed frustrated with Herman the night they decided to tase him twice and suffocate him in his home in front of his parents.

While the family fights the battle in the courts, they want us to fight the battle in our streets and neighborhoods! To do that, the Indianapolis Liberation Center is one of many groups waging this important struggle for all of Indianapolis.

You can find out more about this tragic murder and read about the most recent event for Herman here.