Jail war criminals, not peace activists!

Thursday, April 25
6:00 pm
Community “Justice” Campus
675 Justice Wy.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and State Police descended on an emergency action for Palestine this morning and arrested over a dozen peace activists. The emergency rally, initiated by Jewish Voice for Peace – Indiana and supported by the Palestinian Youth Movement, ANSWER Indiana, and the Middle Eastern Student Association – IUPUI, demanded an end to the U.S.-Israeli assault on Gaza and the people of Palestine.

ANSWER Indiana is initiating an emergency action outside of the Community “Justice” Center to demand:

  • Jail war criminals, not peace activists!
  • Dissent is not a crime! Liberate Palestine!
  • No jail time for freedom fighters!
  • Defend the right to free speech!

After a rally in Tarkington Park, the activists moved to the Governor’s Mansion to protest the tens of millions of dollars the state of Indiana takes from Hoosiers’ taxes to fund Israeli genocide and apartheid.

While our health care, infrastructure, housing, transportation, and other vital necessities are criminally underfunded, there is somehow always money for the police and military. Nothing demonstrates the priorities of our state and local governments more than today’s assault on peace activists. When the IMPD kills one of our people, they get paid vacation. When our people exercise their first amendment rights, we get arrested!

The hypocrisy of the state is exposed for all to see, but understanding is not enough. We need to act! If you believe in the right to free speech, we will see you tonight!