Touch Grass, Indy: Climate solutions final study group

Saturday, April 27
2:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

Join us for the culmination of our study group series as we delve into the final discussion of Tina Landis’s groundbreaking book, Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism. This Saturday, we will explore Chapter 4, “Our Warming World”, and Chapter 5 “The Ecological Footprint of Capitalism.” We will also watch a video provided by the author titled “Capitalism As A Barrier” for these sections, and then, we will read Chapters 6, 7, and the Appendix together.

At our first gathering, we examined capitalism’s response to the climate crisis, revealing how mainstream media narratives often impede climate activism with misleading solutions. We also shared insights into global movements for sustainability. Our second meeting dug deeper into Landis’s book, exploring topics from the existential future to “Agriculture and Land Use” and “The Role of the Oceans.” We talked about innovative climate strategies like agroforestry, alternatives to chemical-dependent agriculture, and marine permaculture. We tackled challenges like Western consumer culture by collectively brainstorming ambitious decarbonization plans. These meetings have deepened our understanding of how environmental degradation is intertwined with capitalist influence.

Let’s carry this momentum into our next meeting as we continue exploring solutions beyond the constraints of the current system. Review the study guide and come to the meeting with an enthusiasm to learn and a desire to share ideas that can address climate change effectively. If you couldn’t attend the first two meetings, you are still welcome to come to this one, and books are available for purchase at the Indianapolis Liberation Center for $8.