Rally: Unite with communities of IMPD victims for justice!

Elder Mmoja Ajabu speaks to a rally outside the Prosecutor's Office

Tuesday, November 21
12:00 pm

251 E. Ohio St.

The communities of IMPD victims Gary Harrell, Frederick Davis, and D’Armon Lamont Graves, Jr. are standing firm to bring charges against the killer cops who stole their lives. The coalition of families, religious leaders, and grassroots organizations are organizing weekly protests at the Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears’ office. The initial calls to protest came soon after August 3, when Harrell was shot in the back by cop Douglas Correll, who has a history of racist abuse directed at Black men.

There have been 17 IMPD shootings this year. This staggering number of cops shooting citizens does not include the cop who ran over and killed a man while he was riding his bike on E 10th St. The Prosecutor’s lack of action to charge any of the cops, who have killed and are currently on vacation paid for with our tax money, only emboldens more racist cops to use lethal force against poor and working people, especially Black people. Meanwhile, the IMPD crafts a narrative around the victim’s past to justify why they needed to be shot dead in that moment.

These families that experienced IMPD terror through the loss of their loved ones are calling on the community to join them in their push for justice. Ryan Mears must be held accountable to the people. He cannot continue to lock his door, effectively turning his back on his constituents who need action in this moment. The people are ready for justice and have waited long enough!

Photo: Community gathers outside of Prosecutors Ryan Mears’ office after the November 14 weekly action. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.