Hands off Rafah! Ceasefire now!

Saturday, March 2
5:00 pm
Indiana Statehouse East Steps

Nearly five months have passed since Israel’s genocidal campaign of terror and ethnic cleansing in Gaza began. Locally and nationally, our elected officials continue to aid and abet despicable crimes, providing Israel with money, weapons, and diplomatic cover. Indiana alone sends tens of millions of dollars of military aid to Israel every year. Without this crucial aid, Israel would be forced to accept a ceasefire immediately.

Israel is currently preparing a ground invasion of Rafah, where over a million Palestinians have taken refuge from indiscriminate bombing. This act will almost certainly result in massive civilian casualties, the displacement of huge numbers of Palestinians into the Sinai desert of Egypt, or most likely both.

We cannot allow Israel’s genocidal project to be completed. The suffering in Gaza has already reached catastrophic proportions, with 100,000+ killed or injured and over a million men, women, and children suffering from starvation, dehydration, and a lack of adequate medical care.

The people of the United States must stand up and fight back against our own government, which is fully complicit in the crime of genocide. The people of the world are on our side, as was clearly demonstrated in a United Nations Security Council vote last week, where the U.S. alone stood against a ceasefire against all thirteen other nations on the council.

On March 2, protests will take place across the country and around the world as people of conscience demand not only a permanent ceasefire, but the end of Israeli apartheid and the occupation of Palestine.

To enable Indy to participate in this historic day of action, ANSWER Indiana, Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine – Butler, PSL Indianapolis, and the Middle Eastern Student Association at IUPUI have united to hold a rally at the seat of our state government. We will demonstrate the will of the people, who overwhelmingly support a ceasefire and oppose imperialist war.

Struggle with us for a free Palestine and a liberated world!

  • Hands Off Rafah!
  • End the Genocide
  • End the Occupation
  • End all U.S. Aid to Israel!
  • Ceasefire Now!