Fund drive: Donate and promote Black and Palestinian liberation!

Contribute to the Indianapolis Liberation Center fundraising drive in the spirit of resistance and solidarity. Inspired by their enduring movements against oppression, this time, we’re promoting the twin struggles of Black and Palestinian Liberation.

We have a wide range of beautiful 11×17 revolutionary posters, each wrapped in protective sleeves, a selection of Defund IMPD, Hoosiers for a Free Palestine, and Indy Liberation Center shirts, and two new pamphlets: Black Liberation: The untold story of solidarity and Israel: The base of western imperialism.

Give $15: Get two posters

Donate $30: receive two posters, a t-shirt, and a pamphlet

Donate $50: Get two posters, two t-shirts, and two pamphlets

By supporting our fund drive, you’re affirming the necessity of transcending the divisions imposed on our people and advancing the people’s struggles at home and abroad. Just look at what the Center did last month to see exactly how your donations are uniting the struggles of the oppressed and working to win a world of justice.

The gifts you receive are more than merchandise; they are emblems of our collective commitment to the fight against oppression.

Donate today!

Your Liberation Center in 2023

Merchandise pick-up

Collect your items at our office during open hours. Please note: We cannot offer shipping for any items due to our commitment to ensuring the maximum contribution to our cause.

As an all-volunteer 501(c)(4) organization that does not seek or accept government grants or funding, the Indianapolis Liberation Center is powered by community donations. Your support enables us to continue our vital work, from distributing Hope Packages to maintaining a space for community action and solidarity in Indianapolis.