Criminalizing education: Unevenly censoring student projects at DePauw

Thursday, May 9
11:30 am
Watson Forum – PCCM
DePauw University

Presented by the collective students of EDUC 325A: History of American Education; Supported by the Democratic Socialists of DePauw.

After successfully completing a required course assignment last month, one student was contacted by DePauw University’s Chief of Police requesting a meeting to discuss “the posting of signs in Harrison Hall.” The police had surveillance recordings of the student putting letter-size flyers on various tables throughout the first and second floors of Harrison Hall.

No other students were questioned by police during the “investigation,” however, most of the remaining class was sent to community standards and received various “sanctions” for violating the student code of conduct.

Join students in Education Studies 325: History of American Education for a panel discussion on the criminalization of students and the uneven punishment and censorship of student projects.

Facilitated and supported by Education Studies faculty and moderated by the Democratic Socialists of DePauw, this free exchange of dialogue features our our experiences as they relate to making the history of U.S. higher education and the role of freedom of expression on a liberal arts campus.

Featured photo: A composite of some of the “criminal” student projects at DePauw University. Credit: Education Studies students.