Nov. 14: Stand with IMPD victims and demand justice now!

Tuesday, November 14
12:00 pm
251 E. Ohio St.

On November 11, the family and friends of multiple IMPD victims spoke on behalf of those whose lives were taken from them and from our community. In front of the Burger King on the corner of 21st St. and Shadeland Ave., Sharon Cannon took the microphone. The aunt of the IMPD’s most recent victim, Frederick Davis, Cannon demanded justice not only for Davis and the other families gathered, but for the entire city.

Cannon called on the community to show up this Tuesday at Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears’ office because Mears could–but refuses to–take any action against the cops. Knowing they have free reign over the city, the police are on a shooting rampage this year.

Even the IndyStar is keeping track of every time the cops shoot at and injure or kill a community member. So far this year, the IMPD has shot at 15 people, eight of whom they killed. In 2022, by contrast, they shot at four people, killing one (of course, the police kill by other means as well).

Mears, the city government, and the cops want to wait us out. But we aren’t going away, and we hope you aren’t, either!

Photo: Protesters chant outside the Burger King on 21st. and Shadeland on November 11. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.