The people have the power: Stay in the streets!

Last night, over 1,000 people overflowed Monument Circle in the center of Indianapolis, the heart of the reddest state in the Midwest. Mere hours after the the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and stepped up the right-wing attacks on women’s rights, Hoosiers of all genders and backgrounds showed up to the emergency action organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

PSL organizer and Black transgender woman Everland Wells made connections between the repeal of federal protections for the right to abortion and the recent state-level legislative attacks on transgender girls that banned them from participating in K-12 sports with other girls. She explained how the overturning of Roe V. Wade destroys the rights of all women and trans people, especially when abortion clinics are also often providers of gender-affirming healthcare. She concluded with a call for unity, since the oppression of cisgender women, transgender people, Black people, and all of the working class are linked by their common origin: capitalism.

PSL Indianapolis has, for several years now, been an integral part of the local people’s movement. In addition to organizing mass demonstrations and speak outs, hosting forums, film showings, and other social and cultural events, we run an urban garden, a mutual aid outreach program, and the Indianapolis Liberation Center. We are entirely funded by our members and supporters, and don’t accept donations from any government or corporate entities. Our work in various struggles is only possible because of the people’s support.

We are inspired to organize actions like last night’s demonstration, and want to ensure we can increase our activities. As an all-volunteer organization, we are funded solely by our members and supporters. You make it possible for us to organize such large events, letting us rent sound systems and generators, make banners and placards, buy bullhorns, and more.

We’re not only fighting to defend Roe v. Wade; we’re struggling on every front for working and oppressed people. We organize the People’s Power Urban Farm, where we work together and learn from each other to provide free, healthy, and accessible food. Together with Indy10 Black Lives Matter, we organize Hope Packages, which continues to provide basic necessities to the most oppressed in our city. We are the lead organizers of the Indianapolis Liberation Center office and website, which provides necessary physical and virtual space to help progressive groups organize, host events, and promote their analysis and calls for action.

We want to thank all of the progressive people who show up to support our fellow workers! If you’re interested, consider signing up to join the PSL!