TAKE ACTION! Gov. Holcomb: Abortion is essential healthcare!

ANSWER Indiana, Indy Feminists, the Party for Socialism and Liberation Indianapolis, the Indiana chapter of the National Organization for Women, Pro Choice South Bend, and Indianapolis Clinic Escorts strongly denounce Governor Holcomb’s decision to halt abortions in Indiana as part of Monday’s executive order. This order is nothing more than an attempt to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover to push a misogynistic agenda, and it will not go uncontested. All people deserve the right to safe, legal, and judgement-free healthcare!

CALL GOV. HOLCOMB NOW! 317-232-4567

Sample phone script: Hello, my name is ____________, and I am calling today to tell Governor Holcomb that abortion is a time-sensitive, essential medical procedure that must be exempt from any halt placed on medical access during the Coronavirus pandemic. Bans on abortion and restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare will cause catastrophic consequences to pregnant Hoosiers’ health, safety, and economic stability. I am asking the governor to overturn the order halting abortion access in Indiana and prioritize the well-being of his citizens in this time of crisis.

The executive order Holcomb signed on Monday halts all “non-essential elective surgery and medical and surgical procedures,” designating abortions as non-essential. The governor claims this is to ensure that medical personnel dealing with overcrowded hospitals have the supplies they need to handle the pandemic. But the self-described “pro-life” politician has a long history of trampling reproductive freedoms; this despicable act only the latest attempt. 

This reprehensible action endangers Hoosier lives for the sake of Holcomb’s right-wing political agenda in this time of national and global crisis. Abortions are essential and extremely time sensitive. Abortions are not procedures that can be delayed, due to the timesensitive nature of pregnancy and to restrictions set in place by these same state governments. 

Multiple federal judges in other states have already blocked similar measures. Holcomb’s order signals that he would rather waste time and public money in court than fight COVID-19. 

If Governor Holcomb cared at all about the lives of medical personnel and other working-class people, he would take firm, decisive action to slow the spread of COVID-19. He would expand the state’s Medicaid program, release our incarcerated neighbors, and enact a total waiver on rent for the duration of the pandemic. But when people sit houseless in the streets with 4,000 empty homes in the city, it is clear that Governor Holcomb doesn’t care about the effect of the virus on anything except for private property. While people scramble and fail to find affordable childcare, it is clear that he doesn’t care about the effect of this virus on working families. What he cares about, instead, is attacking our reproductive rights. 

Tell the governor that the people of Indiana DO NOT support this attempt to strip away essential healthcare from millions of people–and that WE WILL fight back!

Hoosiers have already laid out a roadmap showing Indiana officials how to actually address the people’s needs during this unprecedented crisis. Add your voice to theirs by signing our joint petition urging Governor Holcomb and Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett to take action to protect Hoosiers.