All out to support Indy library workers!

Wed., November 30
7:00 pm
Indianapolis Central Library

40 E. St. Claire St., Clowes Auditorium

It is not every day in Indianapolis that workers get to hire our own bosses under an oppressive capitalist system. Yet, the power of AFSCME local 3395 proves that it is possible. Leaders are cultivated amongst the ranks of the workers and the workers should have the power to elect their own leadership.

The library workers identified Nichelle Hayes as their leader of choice and are happy with her leadership during this interim CEO period. When the workers benefit, the community benefits as well! Come out in support of AFSCME local 3395 and their hard work thus far in the process of electing their own CEO!

They will need our support from the community as the unaccountable board wants to hire controversial pick Gabriel Morley, who abruptly resigned as the CEO of the New Orleans Public Library in November, 2021 after it was uncovered that he didn’t even live in the state of Louisiana and tried to cut millions of dollars of funding to the New Orleans Public Library system.

The Indianapolis community and the Indianapolis Public Library does not want one more CEO mired in controversy like the last one who was ousted for her tyrannical leadership and racism. Nichelle Hayes comes from a family of union workers and was a union member herself and knows that she can’t just listen to the workers but must act on their behalf and benefit.

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation on Wednesday, November 30 at 7P at Central Library in support and solidarity with AFSCME local 3395. The presentations will be held in the Clowes Auditorium.