Statewide Liberation Forum: Capitalism surrenders to COVID; it’s up to us to defeat it!

Saturday, January 22
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave. (3rd floor auditorium)

In the past year, it’s become clear that Biden and the rest of the Democrats care just as little about working class people suffering from COVID-19 as Trump did. As the country records over 1.1 million cases per day, (that’s like all of Indiana getting infected in one week!) the CDC halved the required quarantine period so we can work even while sick. They’re counting on us to accept the virus as an inevitable fact of life so that they can keep making profits.

We won’t accept it! 

It is possible to beat this virus, like China has. The whole country only saw two deaths from COVID-19 in all of 2021, compared to the US’s 700,000+. They did this by actually devoting resources to fighting the virus, by making tests readily available and quick to complete, by developing their own vaccine after being unallowed to import one from the US, and by making lockdowns actually liveable by supplying daily groceries to everybody in affected cities.

We here also have the ability to help our fellow people! We can help by providing each other with mutual aid separate from the government that neglects us. We can overcome the barriers of capitalism and make sure our needs always come before profit. Come learn about what it means to do mutual aid and how it builds the movement for Socialism and against COVID!

The forum will be hosted at the Indianapolis Liberation center, 55 S State Ave, in the 3rd floor auditorium. Masks will be provided. Carpooling is available, please RSVP to ride. Carpools depart from:

  • South Bend (contact 815-325-4616)
  • Fort Wayne (contact
  • Muncie (contact
  • Bloomington (contact