Shaka speaks: Repression, resistance, and changing the world

In this new 9-part series, Shaka Shakur speaks about the current status of his legal case, the psychological impacts of being in domestic exile, the “new era” of state repression, surveillance, and counter-intelligence operations in prisons today.

On the flipside, he addresses not only a radical vision for a new society where true freedom exists, but also the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve that vision, giving concrete examples of how we can agitate and organize in Indianapolis and Indiana.

Shaka finally speaks to what helps him withstand the extreme brutality, neglect, and human rights violations he’s endured: being active and relating to the prison abolitionist movement, the national liberation movements, Pan-African movements, and internationalist movements as a whole. Watch, listen, learn, and act!

Shaka Shakur speaks: A nine-part video series

Featured photo: A spontaneous protest after the IMPD murder of Dreasjon Reed in May 2020. Credit: PSL Indianapolis.