Say NO to Prop. 256! Stop the War on the Poor!

WANTED for CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE: Vop Osili, Zach Adamson, Kristin Jones. Attempted murder, theft of the commons, intimidation, racketeering. NO to Prop. 256-22.

We demand that the Indianapolis City-County Council stop its assault on the poor by dropping its pursuit of Prop. 256!

In the name of “public safety,” this proposal would require those wishing to distribute aid in public to register with the city Office of Public Health and Safety. In an emergency, such as a natural disaster, people would be prohibited from doing so as distributions must be reported to OPHS 48 hours beforehand, with no exceptions for emergencies—even for registered groups.

It’s also no mistake that this ordinance only affects distribution on public property, leaving the nonprofit industry exempt from its stipulations when donating on their private property. The fact that Councillor Osili’s wife Una is “Efroymson Chair of Philanthropy” at the IUPUI School of Philanthropy is not a coincidence. We reject the criminalization of aiding our neighbors in the people’s public spaces!

Tell the City-County Council that the people of Indianapolis REJECT this fascistic attack on our neighbors!

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