Protest Prop. 291: Stop the war on Indy’s poor!

Wed., Nov. 18 @ 5:00 PM
City-County Council Building
(Market St. Entrance)

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On November 18, we’ll hold a protest outside the City County building while some designated speakers enter the committee to deliver prepared remarks. This is a crucial opportunity to not only defeat the proposal but to affirm our collective commitment to each other, to unite and build the fight to make Indianapolis for people, not for profit!

Reactionary City-County Council member Michael Hart’s Proposal 291, which sets up unnecessary bureaucratic hoops and imposes absurd fines under ill-defined conditions, is clearly meant to deter poor and working-class people from distributing aid to the community. It is nothing more than an attack on Indy’s poorest and most vulnerable populations and an effort to make the city “safer” for the banks, landlords, and capitalists.

Hart initially wanted to introduce Prop. 291 at the October meeting of the Public Safety and Criminal “Justice” Committee. But due to the influx of organized opposition he received through public comments, he deferred it until the next meeting on November 18. We need to show up to voice our collective opposition to this mean-spirited, classist, and racist proposal. We’ve done it before. In 2018, Indy successfully mobilized to defeat the so-called “sit-lie” ordinance.

You can find out more about Prop. 291 here!