Urgent: Act now to protect Denzael Jones from prison guards!

Denzael O’Neil Lamar Jones (#16588-028), the son of one of our comrades, is currently facing a serious and severe threat of violence and retribution by prison guards at USP Florence – High, a high-security prison in Florence, Colorado.

Jones needs our protection. We must do everything possible to immediately stop all threats and harassment of Denzael Jones immediately! Don’t wait, or we might be too late. Below are four action items you can take immediately, followed by a sample script for a phone call.

  1. Call Florence Correctional – High: 719-784-9454 (ext. 0)
  2. Email Florence Correctional – High: FLX-ExecAssistant-S@bop.gov.
  3. Call the Federal Bureau of Prisons: 202-307-3198
  4. Fill out a report about staff misconduct with the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Sample phone/email script

I am calling/emailing in regards to Denzael O’Neil Lamar Jones (DOB: 05/11/1992; #16588-028), who is housed at USP Florence – High Security Prison in Florence, Colorado. Earlier this morning, Mr. Jones was threatened with harassment and potential retaliation by solicitations of Officer Crabtree.

At 9:00 AM this morning, while Jones was observing Ramadan, Officer Crabtree came into his cell under the pretext of searching for contraband and proceeded to throw things around, rip up papers, and take an extra coat belonging to Jones. The officer did not inspect Jones’s locker, but he left his flashlight in the cell. Jones immediately took the flashlight out of his cell and returned it to the officer.

In the day room, the officer announced to everyone present that if they wanted him to stop searching their cells, then they should blame 212 (Jones’ cell number) and punish him. This easily can be interpreted as incitement and needs to stop immediately.

Jones spoke with Captain Avery and is beginning the grievance process. I demand that all harassment of Jones stop and his safety be ensured by the facility. If anything happens to Mr. Jones, we will hold CO Crabtree and the entire USP Florence Administration liable and accountable!