Pledge to stand with Teamsters Local 135!

In a year filled with labor action—from the historic Starbucks unionization drives to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes—the biggest may be yet to come. The current contract between UPS and the Teamsters union is set to expire on July 31. Over 340,000 workers nationwide are ready to strike for a fair contract, a number that continues to grow with the July 18 public announcement that if their demands aren’t met, starting August 1 UPS pilots represented by the Independent Pilots Association union “will honor that strike and we will not fly.

Teamster locals across the country are warning UPS by holding “practice” pickets, displaying the power and unity of the union and its supporters. On the morning of July 19, Teamsters Local 135 held a practice picket at the UPS distribution center on 81st St. in Indianapolis, where they were joined by community members and organizations like the Indianapolis Liberation Center, PSL Indianapolis, and Central Indiana DSA. Workers and supporters marched in front of the warehouse, raising chants like “Hey hey! Ho ho! UPS greed has got to go!”

Local leadership members and Teamsters Vice President At-Large Juan Campos of Chicago’s Local 705 gave short speeches to the union members and supporters in attendance, highlighting UPS’s $13 billion in profits in 2022 and the relatively meager pay, benefits, and hostile working conditions suffered by rank-and-file employees. The speakers reaffirmed their dedication to union and worker, refusing to fall for UPS’s attempts to sow divisions between full- and part-time workers. UPS currently has a two-tiered wage system that allows them to underpay part-time drivers, similar to the two-tiered system UAW members voted to abolish in 2019. Dangerous temperatures in delivery trucks and continued harassment from management of workers are also conditions workers are no tolerating.

It is not a coincidence that, like the UPS strike of 1997, this new wave of labor militarism in the Teamsters was preceded by the election of new union leadership. The elections demonstrated Teamsters across the country were no longer willing to concede to UPS’ absurd demands. Because these demands accompanied increased profits for UPS bosses, a new set of leaders representing and willing to fight for the wants and needs of the workers emerged.

As a base for working-class movements in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Liberation Center pledges to continue standing with the Teamsters in their battle for a better contract and a higher quality of life. It is our duty to support and struggle alongside other workers to build a powerful working-class movement in Indiana and across the country. Sign your name to pledge your support for our fellow workers and stay updated about how you can further support this struggle!

Pledge to Stand with UPS Workers!

I pledge to: stay up-to-date on the UPS workers’ struggle; show up to support them as I am able; write letters to the editor in support; like and share all pro-teamsters analysis; do anything within my means to support my fellow workers.